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When is Black Friday 2021 in Canada?


Wondering what date this year’s Black Friday falls on? The big shopping holiday “Black Friday” always falls on the day after Thanksgiving. In 2021, Black Friday will be on Friday, November 26, 2021.

But if you want to buy the best deals of the year, you should know that many promotions, deals and discounts will be available from Thursday. You should even know that some retailers will start their Black Friday Deals much earlier, like Wednesday or Monday, and this year’s new Black Friday deals will be available early.

Looking back at previous years, most Black Friday sales start on (or even before) Thanksgiving and extend through Black Friday weekend and Cyber ​​Monday 2021. Pre-Black Friday deals start popping up in early November, some even in October. Given the prevalence of early sales in 2020, we think there will be plenty of retailers offering Black Friday discounts for weeks or even months in 2021.

Don’t forget to check which stores will be open on Thursday and what time intervals they will be open on Friday. Also, be sure to frequently check out the latest Black Friday Flyers to find the best deals, in-store hours, and to see when online Black Friday Deals are launching for every retailer.

Retailers are already planning this year’s Black Friday, announcing that Thanksgiving stores will close early.

Black Friday 2021 predictions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last Black Friday (2020) was unlike any Black Friday we’ve seen before. Stores have switched in-store events and Thanksgiving opening times online for early Black Friday deals and even in-store/online hybrid sales. Some stores ran Black Friday promotions throughout November, while others offered online-only deals. Some, like Walmart, offered multiple sales (and dropped multiple Black Friday ads) throughout the month of November.

It is not yet clear what exactly 2021 will bring, although Black Friday 2021 is approaching. Just like shoppers, we wonder if the retailers’ 2020 experience is a return to tradition or whether the 2020-style experimental Black Friday format will continue.

Still, we expect to see “Black Friday creep” (this was happening before 2020) again in 2021, which means early sales in late October and early November. It also won’t end on Friday as Black Friday has become a trend. The entire period from Thanksgiving to Cyber ​​Monday will be one long savings event in 2021. While some doorbells and hot items will only last for a few minutes on Black Friday itself, many online deals will stretch throughout the entire long weekend. And some items that sold out fast on Black Friday will be showcased again over the weekend.

Black Friday deals

Every year, we ask ourselves this question a lot, “Which one?”. We are trying to compile all the discount opportunities so that you can reach truly impressive discounts on quality products. In this way, we will try to ensure that you seize great deals by avoiding exaggerated offers on unnecessary products.

Don’t forget to visit the Black Friday Deals section of our website frequently in order not to miss the 2021 black friday deals. As soon as the black friday deals of 2021 are announced, we will publish them in the Black Friday Deals section of our website.

Past Black Friday dates

Black Friday 2015 was Friday, November 22, 2015.

Black Friday 2016 was Friday, November 25, 2016.

Black Friday 2017 was Friday, November 24, 2017.

Black Friday 2018 was Friday, November 23, 2018.

Black Friday 2019 was Friday, November 29, 2019.

Black Friday 2020 was Friday, November 27, 2020.

Future Black Friday dates

Black Friday 2022 is on Friday, Nov. 25, 2022.

Black Friday 2023 is on Friday, Nov. 24, 2023.

Black Friday 2024 is on Friday, Nov. 29, 2024.

Black Friday 2025 is on Friday, Nov. 28, 2025.

Black Friday 2026 is on Friday, Nov. 26, 2026.

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